About the Hub for Urban Initiatives

The Hub for Urban Initiatives (Urban Initiatives) is a non-profit organization that responds to the economic, housing, social, and spiritual needs of neighborhoods, cities, and counties from local community, regional, national, international, and faith-based perspectives. It consists of several community development, economic development, faith-based, and social justice initiatives that promote research, direct resources, and shape policy.

A primary focus for Urban Initiatives is homelessness in the United States and especially California, which has the largest homeless population in the country. The 2017 Legislative Housing Package in California has injected a wide-range of new regulatory and financial resources to increase affordable housing, permanent supportive housing for homeless persons with disabling conditions, and supportive services including health, mental health, and substance abuse care. Urban Initiatives is working with many counties in California to ensure that the resources are maximized in order to help prevent and end homelessness.

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