Recent Homeless Count Reports from California Continuums of Care Reveal a Significant Increase in the Number of Homeless Persons Counted in 2019

–U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Will Post Official Results in the Fall— 

–Estimated Number is Noted in the Table Below– 

–More Than Three-fourths of California Continuums of Care
Counted More People in 2019 Than in 2017 as Noted on the Map Below–

While we await the official homeless count results from HUD, recent reports made available by California Continuums of Care (CoCs) provide an estimate of the number of persons counted by the CoCs earlier this year, which is approximately 150,000 or nearly 14% more persons than those counted in 2017 as noted in the table below.

The reason for comparing the 2019 count results to 2017 instead of 2018 is because HUD requires CoCs to conduct unsheltered counts every other year or odd-number years. Only half (48.8%) or 21 of the 43 California CoCs conducted an unsheltered count in 2018. All CoCs are required by HUD to conduct a sheltered count every year.

The following map and related table are based on the recent reports made available by the California CoCs. The map and table reveal a significant increase in the number of homeless persons counted and reported by the CoCs in 2019 when compared to the number of persons counted in 2017.

The map immediately below shows that 10 or nearly one-fourth (23.3%) of the CoCs reported a decrease of persons counted in 2019 when compared to 2017 and 33 or more than three-fourths (76.7%) reported an increase. Of the 33 CoCs, 12 or more than one-third (36.4%) reported an increase of more than 40%. Nine (9) or an additional 25% reported an increase between 20% and 40% and four (4) more (12%) reported an increase of more than 10% but less than 20%. The remaining eight (8) of the 33 CoCs reported an increase of less than 10%.

Map of California continuums of care showing which experienced increases in persons counted as homeless between 2017 and 2019




The table below shows that approximately 130,000 persons were counted as homeless in 2017 by all CoCs and approximately 150,000 in 2019, which represents a collective increase of 13.7%.

Table 1. Comparison of 2017 and 2019 Homeless Counts


California CoCs

2017 Homeless Count2019 Homeless Count 


CA-500San Jose/Santa Clara City & County CoC7,3949,706+2,312+31.3
CA-501San Francisco CoC6,8588,011+1,153+16.8
CA-502Oakland, Berkeley/Alameda County CoC5,6298,022+2,393+42.5
CA-503Sacramento City & County CoC4,6925,570+878+18.7
CA-504Santa Rosa, Petaluma/Sonoma County CoC2,8352,951+116+4.1
CA-505Richmond/Contra Costa County CoC1,6072,295+688+42.8
CA-506Salinas/Monterey, San Benito Counties CoC3,3642,704-660-19.6
CA-507Marin County CoC1,1171,034-83-7.4
CA-508Watsonville/Santa Cruz City & County CoC2,2492,167-82-3.6
CA-509Mendocino County CoC1,238645-593-91.9
CA-510Turlock, Modesto/Stanislaus County CoC1,6611,923+262+15.8
CA-511Stockton/San Joaquin County CoC1,5422,629+1,087+70.5
CA-512Daly City/San Mateo County CoC1,2531,512+259+20.7
CA-513Visalia/Kings, Tulare Counties CoC8531,069+216+25.3
CA-514Fresno City & County/Madera County CoC2,0162,508+492+24.4
CA-515Roseville, Rocklin/Placer, Nevada Counties9791,021+42+4.3
CA-516Redding/Shasta County CoC9341,249+315+33.7
CA-517Napa City & County CoC315323+8+0.3
CA-518Vallejo/Solano County CoC1,2321,151-81-6.6
CA-519Chico, Paradise/Butte County CoC1,1951,311+116+9.7
CA-520Merced City & County CoC454608+154+33.9
CA-521Davis, Woodland/Yolo County CoC459655+196+42.7
CA-522Humboldt County CoC7591,473+714+94.1
CA-523Colusa, Glen, Trinity Counties CoC176192+16+9.1
CA-524Yuba City/Sutter County CoC760706-54-7.1
CA-525El Dorado County CoC602613+11+1.8
CA-526Tuolumne, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa Counties CoC367845+478+130
CA-527Tehama County CoC124281+157+127
CA-529Lake County CoC401372-29-7.2
CA-530Alpine, Inyo, Mono Counties CoC121214+93+76.9
CA-600Los Angeles City and County52,44256,257+3,815+7.3
CA-601San Diego City and County CoC9,1608,102-1,058-11.5
CA-602Santa Ana, Anaheim/Orange County CoC4,7926,860+2,068+43.1
CA-603Santa Maria/Santa Barbara County CoC1,8601,803-57-3.0
CA-604Bakersfield/Kern County CoC8101,330+520+64.2
CA-606Long Beach CoC1,8631,894+31+1.7%
CA-607Pasadena CoC575542-33-5.7
CA-608Riverside City & County CoC2,4062,811+405+16.8
CA-609San Bernardino City & County CoC1,8662,607+741+39.7
CA-611Oxnard, San Buenaventura/ Ventura County CoC1,1521,669+517+44.9
CA-612Glendale CoC16824375+44.6
CA-613Imperial County CoC1,1541,413259+22.4
CA-614San Luis Obispo County CoC1,1251,483+358+31.8

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