Is Your California City and/or County Ready to Receive Its Preliminary Permanent Local Housing Allocation?

-Release of a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is expected in September
for approximately $165 million in non-competitive allocations—

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preliminary permanent local housing allocation on pages 8ff–

–applications will be accepted over-the-counter
that may include qualified subrecipients–

–Local commissions, coalitions, councils, continuums of care, and committees
should help ensure cities and counties apply for their allocations–

Non-Competitive Components consist of

  • an estimated $138 million to local governments that received an entitlement allocation per the 2017 Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) formula; and
  • an estimated $16.6 million to 2017 non-entitlement local governments.

A Competitive Component consists of

  • an estimated $11.5 million to 2017 non-entitlement local governments which will be awarded competitively.

Eligible Activities:

As noted on the Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA) web page,

Eligible activities for the formula allocations focus on:

Affordable Housing

1. The predevelopment, development, acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of multifamily, residential live-work, rental housing that is affordable to extremely low-, very low-, low-, or moderate-income households, including necessary operating subsidies.
2. The predevelopment, development, acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of Affordable rental and ownership housing, including Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), that meets the needs of a growing workforce earning up to 120-percent of AMI, or 150-percent of AMI in high-cost areas. ADUs shall be available for occupancy for a term of no less than 30 days.
3. Matching portions of funds placed into Local or Regional Housing Trust Funds.
4. Matching portions of funds available through the Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Fund pursuant to subdivision (d) of HSC Section 34176.

Permanent Supportive Housing

5. Capitalized Reserves for Services connected to the preservation and creation of new permanent supportive housing.

Residential and Non-Residential Assistance for Households Who Are Homelessness

6. Assisting persons who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, including, but not limited to, providing rapid rehousing, rental assistance, supportive/case management services that allow people to obtain and retain housing, operating and capital costs for navigation centers and emergency shelters, and the new construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of permanent and transitional housing.
A. This activity may include subawards to administrative entities as defined in HSC Section 50490(a)(1-3) that were awarded CESH program or HEAP funds for rental assistance to continue assistance to these households.
B. Applicants must provide rapid rehousing, rental assistance, navigation centers, emergency shelter, and transitional housing activities in a manner consistent with the Housing First practices described in 25 CCR, Section 8409, subdivision (b)(1)-(6) and in compliance with WIC Section 8225(b)(8). An applicant allocated funds for the new construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of permanent supportive housing shall incorporate the core components of Housing First, as provided in WIC Section 8255, subdivision (b).

Affordable Housing Ownership

7. Accessibility modifications in lower-income owner-occupied housing.
8. Efforts to acquire and rehabilitate foreclosed or vacant homes and apartments.
9. Homeownership opportunities, including, but not limited to, down payment assistance.
10. Fiscal incentives made by a county to a city within the county to incentivize approval of one or more affordable housing projects, or matching funds invested by a county in an affordable housing development project in a city within the county, provided that the city has made an equal or greater investment in the project. The county fiscal incentives shall be in the form of a grant or low-interest loan to an affordable housing project. Matching funds investments by both the county and the city also shall be a grant or low-interest deferred loan to the affordable housing project.

Threshold Requirements

As noted on pages 14 – 16 in the Permanent Local Housing Allocation Draft 2019 Guidelines applicants must meet threshold requirements for participation in the formula allocation that include:

  • “Housing Element compliance: The Applicant and any co-applicants must have a Housing Element that has been adopted by the jurisdiction’s governing body by the deadline specified in the NOFA and subsequently determined to be in substantial compliance with state Housing Element law pursuant to GC Section 65585;”
  • “APR (Annual Progress Review) on the Housing Element submitted to the Department (California Department of Housing and Community Development): The Applicant and any co-applicants must submit to the Department the APR required by GC Section 65400 for the current or prior year by the application deadline date;” and
  • a completed application that meets eight minimum requirements detailed on pages 15 – 16.

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